How to rent a dumpster for your bar in Boise, Idaho

When you are managing a bar, then you get to have so many different responsibilities. From managing your budget on a daily basis to tracking the prices of the liquor on the market. And if your bar also serves some snacks and food, you get to have another commitment too. A lot of owners try to find different ways to reduce the money expenses. One of the great ways is to review the waste removal service.

Bars can produce a lot of waste every day. Whether it’s from prepping the drinks and food, or the removing the empty bottles and broken glass. It is one of the reasons why you need a good and reliable dumpster rental company. The one that is punctual and that will dispose your trash on time. We know this probably isn’t on your mind. That’s why you can count on our services and recommendation.

What size to pick?

If you are new to this industry, you will probably have troubles picking up the right size, because you simply don’t know. Fortunately, our company has a great customer service, which can assist you in any moment, whether are dumpsters for individuals or industrial use. They have the required skills and information to give you at the appropriate moment and helping you with the size.

If you ask our representatives what size you should choose, they would probably recommend you 8-yard dumpster. It also depends on the size your bar. But, this dumpster can easily accommodate you because it can hold 1600 Ibs. of trash. And if you think that this is too small for you, you can always replace it.

How often will be trash be collected and disposed

In our company, we realize how important is the waste management. Having the business that regularly disposes of your trash, is from the vital importance.  In this way, you will avoid fines and penalties for crowded dumpsters. Our company provides flexible pickup schedule. And how frequently it will be, depends on of the size of the dumpster you choose. It can be daily, weekly and bi-weekly, whatever works for you. That’s why we are different from other companies; we put our clients’ needs in the first place. By working together with them, we are creating a mutual schedule and agreement.