Clean up events in Idaho

Idaho is a state that takes a good care about its nature. Every year across the state, officials organize cleaning events to keep their environment safe and free of pollutants. These actions are supported by the government, as well as a large number of dumpster companies. What’s more surprising, citizens are becoming more aware regarding the pollution problems, and they offer them unconditional support.

Temporary dumpster rental service

Hosting a party, or having some celebration, or maybe you are remodeling your house, in each of these cases you need a temporary rental service. What’s great about temporary dumpsters is that you can rent smaller sizes, from three cubic yards up to forty. Depending on your project, you will choose the size of the dumpster. For example, for smaller projects you can choose three cubic yard dumpster. If you have larger projects, you can choose from 10 to 40 cubic yards. Almost every company has affordable prices, but you can always do the research and find the one that suits your needs.

Community clean-up events

In addition to providing temporary dumpster rental service, our company also supports community clean up event. We’ve concluded the contracts with lots of communities across the state to support their mission. Overall, we all care about the same goal, and that is keeping the nature clean. We provide them our services and affordable prices because we understand their aims. These type of events usually happen once in a year. A lot of people gather during those times to clean up their neighborhoods and make them presentable. Depending on the community, those events take place during the whole year.

House remodeling

It is a significant investment, and when it comes to house remodeling, people tend to throw away a lot of trash. Our company offers a great deal of assistance when it comes to that. We supply our customers with various size of dumpsters; they have the opportunity to choose from the smallest, ten cubic yard, to the largest, 40 cubic yards. Also, our company provides them counseling on this matter, so they can avoid picking the wrong size. After you are finished with the work, our workers will just drive away with your garbage, so you won’t have anything to clean up. It is an easy and fast service, so call us, and we will assist you.